Zero Day (Slow Burn, #1) by Bobby Adair

By Bobby Adair Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1 (1st Edition) - Bobby Adair

Zero Day (Slow Burn, #1) by Bobby Adair is a future/dystopian book. I gave it five stars. It is full of intense survival action. What a fast book to read.


It takes place in Austin, Texas. Ezekiel Zane, also known as Zed, spent the day getting drunk with his buddies and watching pre-season football.


Later he was arrested and slapped by a police officer. "I didn't react to the slap. Pain was becoming surprisingly easy to ignore."


There was a riot in the jail and about eight hundred prisoners escaped. Zed escaped with Earl and Murphy. Earl was shot and he and Murphy kept moving. Murphy was ill from the bite he received.


They arrived at a park. "The sky still glowed a dull blue. The hot, stagnant air, only marginally cooler without the sun's heat, draped us in its sticky blanket."


Zed met with Jerome a CDC worker in the quarantined area. They found a safe place in a dorm after they escaped from the locked gymnasium with Murphy who was now seriously ill.


Zed thought: "I wondered how long the crisis would last, how deeply everything would be affected. I felt foolish for even considering it, but I wondered how much of human civilization would be left when it was over. What if it was never over?"


I look forward to reading the rest of this series. Next to read is Slow Burn: Infected, Book 2.


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