The Book Of Riley A Zombie Tale by Mark Tufo

The Book of Riley ~ A Zombie Tale - Mark Tufo

The Book Of Riley A Zombie Tale by Mark Tufo is a well written book from the point of view of an American Bulldog.


Riley's opinon of the cat: "I don't know what kind of spell she has over the humans because they absolutely adore the purring pestilence known as Patches."


I laughed out loud when Riley described eating the butter, since my own dog just snagged a new carton of butter out of the grocery bag & ate one stick before we knew she had gotten it.


Riley decided to give Ben-Ben & Patches more credit. "He had more than proven his worth to me last night & I would forgive him many things I had previously found bothersome."


I gave it five stars because it was fast moving & entertaining from start to finish. I will look for more of Mark Tufo's writing. He is a gifted story teller.


I received a complimentary kindle copy from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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