Z-Minus: A Post-Apocalypse Trilogy by Perrin Briar

Z-Minus 1 - Perrin Briar

Z-Minus: A Post-Apocalypse Trilogy by Perrin Briar is a dystopian book that is frightening because the premise is a possibility. This is book one of three in a series.


I gave it five stars. Blair has a way with words that I like!


Chris woke puzzled. He figured out he had been in an automobile accident & was able to extricate himself from the wrecked car. He walked across the road to the Clifton housing estate.


"The houses were two-storey terraces with small gravel front gardens. They were built back to back, like boucers at a nightclub under attack. It was the kind of place where you wiped your feet off on the way out."


He discovers his daughter & wife had been murdered. Even worse, they'd been turned into zombies. He escaped from the house & a neighbor told him that the gestation period for zombies takes eight hours. If you get infected you can become a carrier even before you turn into one. The only way to stop one is to destroy its brain.


Later he discovered his youngest daughter Maisie was still alive . He didn't want to take her with him so agreed to take her to her grandmother's house.


They went to a car dealership where the owner shot three zombies. "The zombies lay sprawled over the vehicle, their innards now outards, decorating the car."

He bought a Porsche to drive Maisie to Grandma's house. On the way they found deserted, broken, bloodied cars all over the road. "They came to a pinch point. Two cars jutted from either side into the clear trail, leaving a narrow gap. Chris slowed & edged through it. The wing mirrors high-fived one another."


Chris learned that if a person was infected, they had eight hours before turning. Things did not work out according to plan.


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QVHRMQG