The People That Fall Out Of Pictures by Anne Wentworth

The People That Fall Out Of Pictures -  Anne Wentworth

The People That Fall Out Of Pictures by Anne Wentworth is an enjoyable five star book for teens or young adults.  I had to keep turning the pages.


Jolene Poetic being bullied on the last day of school by Billy Marsden. She had sought the teacher's help throughout the school year, but Mr. Schon was not receptive to her entreaties. For some reason, he sided with Billy. She was frustrated & angry because she didn't understand why they treated her that way.


'Grandma Mette and Aunt Agatha were the two people she had left in the world. In just twelve years, life had shown Jolene that it could send some hard lessons."


Grandma & Jolene were having tea. Jolene had the feeling that her life was about to change with whatever she was going to be told about The People. She has auburn hair that she doesn't like even though by looking at photos of her deceased parents she realized it was the same as her mother's.


"Jolene stared at her aunt, realizing that Agatha was a woman standing there—a person. Sometimes it was hard to find that line where the mental illness ended, and the woman began. Even she'd been guilty of putting her aunt into a box with far too many labels stuck on the outside and not enough postage to ever get anywhere."


The house where they lived was old enough to have a glass doorknob on the library door. They were once rich.


"'I'm a nutcase? Is that what you were going to say?' She pushed Jolene away.


'Don't touch me!' Jolene shook with anger and surprise. Her aunt had never done anything like that before.


'Then don't ever call me that again. I don't care about your pathetic little paper cut. Every time someone says something nasty to me—what do you think it feels like? A thousand paper cuts! I don't need any more hurt and sure as heck not from you!'


Jolene stood, absolutely stunned by her aunt's words and actions. She'd never seen her like this. She'd never heard her say anything about being hurt."


I highly recommend this delightful book.


I received a complimentary e-copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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