Octopus Pirate by Jane Yates

Octopus Pirate - Jane Yates

Octopus Pirate by Jane Yates is a riveting time-traveling steampunk story. I like the cover. I gave it five stars.


Catherine's husband, Horace is the new captain of a cruise ship, The Empress. She's aboard but feeling ill because of her pregnancy & the waves rocking the ship. She was revolted by the passengers drinking the free champagne.


She went to stand by herself & fell overboard.


Four hours later, her husband realized she was missing after the ship was searched. He turned back to search for her. He gave up after a week.


Catherine delivered her baby but didn't survive. The clump of seaweed was propelled to shore by an octopus.


A retired nun, Mary, found the baby & named him Coco. After fifteen years she began to age quickly.


After she died, Mother Superior came to take Coco to an orphanage. The other children called him 'freak' & made fun of him.


The Doctor was to perform surgery to remove Coco's 'tubes' on the back of his neck. To avoid this, Coco ran away & joined the circus.


There he didn't feel out of place & made friends.


"The Ringmaster had new posters printed, proclaiming Coco ‘The Octopus Boy,’ as the star attraction and Coco began to feel under some strain with the added extra pressure." His new friend Greg helped him improve his performance.


He appreciated his friendships with Greg, Eric & Mack. They had plans to travel to the past & interact with pirates. Mack was married to Michelle, the mermaid.


They assembled a crew to travel into the past as pirates. Coco’s adventures continue in Book II, Time and Tide. I look forward to reading them.