Spyglass by Chariss Walker

Spyglass - Chariss K Walker

Spyglass (The Vision Chronicles Book 2) by Chariss K. Walker is the second in a series of eight books. They are designed to be read in order. I found this to be a fast-paced, page turning story. I gave it five stars.


The protagonist, Mike has a new identity. At the same time he needed it, sadly, his cousin was killed in a hit & run. His friend Joe in the FBI has assisted him in secretly moving to Mexico for a fresh start.


"The common denominator in the names of all relatives was James. I practiced saying the name softly on the balcony, 'Hola, I’m James Lewis… Hola, I’m Magin James Lewis, but my friends call me James… Hello, I’m James Lewis.' I laughed aloud at how ridiculous I felt and sounded. I recalled that Sensei Wakahisa insisted I practice the terrified voice until it sounded convincing. It was the successful practice of Step One that had saved Sarah and her children from certain death. With those memories to gird me, I no longer felt foolish. The practice was necessary."


Once he arrived in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, things moved fast. Within two days he purchased a home & a vehicle. He then had a vision of meeting an American woman.

When he finally met Danielle Burgess, called Danny, he discovered he wanted her in his life even more. Unfortunately he learned that for the past six years she has had a stalker. "I watched closely as she tried to push the fear of Nate Potter away and regain control of her emotions. She was raw from the years of strain. My heart went out to her and with good reason—Nate Potter was a classic incompetent stalker and intimacy seeker."


On their first date, Nate Potter showed up to spoil it. He was dispatched quickly by James, even though he fought dirty & threw dirt into James' face. Fortunately, all the training with the sensei came in handy. Nate left after a police car showed up & told him he was required somewhere else.


James, Danny, Patty & Sands made plans to move into the mansion that Sands had abandoned years before. That's where she was building a dojo where they could all train.


I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.