Murder on Easter Island by Gary D. Conrad

Murder on Easter Island: A Daniel 'Hawk' Fishinghawk Mystery - Gary D. Conrad

Murder on Easter Island, A Daniel “Hawk” Fishinghawk Mystery by Gary D. Conrad is a engrossing mystery about Detective Daniel "Hawk" Fishinghawk, a Cherokee Indian who investigates cannibalistic killings. It has touches of the paranormal that are frightening.


I found it riveting & couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I gave it five stars.
In addition to the murder investigation, this book touches on the the history of Easter Island/Rapa Nui via Hawk's interaction with "Crazy" Tiare, a ninety four year old resident of the Island.


"The youth should never die before the elderly, he bitterly thought. But that’s the way life is. There are no guarantees — ever."


Regarding Hawk, a co-worker exclaimed: "I’ve heard he’s smart as hell — could be in Mensa if he wanted — a speed reader who digests over five books a week--"


Tourists were being killed on Easter Island. While they kept the story secret, there had been twenty four people killed. They all took place after dark. The Detective Chief in New York needed to send his best man. That was Hawk. Hawk had been ready to turn in his resignation before this occurred. Hearing the information about this case, for the first time, Hawk was baffled. He did not like the feeling.


"Daniel asked, 'What about the symbols I saw on the wooden planks?” “That is called rongorongo — Rapa Nui’s own unique script. As you saw, many different symbols are engraved in the wood. Rather than represent a true language, these designs stand for concepts or ideas. While researchers have made progress in trying to crack the code, the exact meaning remains a mystery.'"


Daniel knew that it was time for him to heal from his fear of heights. "His grandpa had applied the balm of love all those years ago, though now he had to do it himself. He began silently saying to himself, over and over: “Breathing in, I am aware that I am fearful. “Breathing out, I smile at my fear and send it love.” Time no longer mattered as he sat in deep meditation, and the jeering voices disappeared from his awareness."


I received a complimentary .pdf from Rainbow Books & NetGalley. That did not change my opinion for this review.