Deadly Force by Jonathan Shapiro

Deadly Force: A Lizzie Scott Novel - Jonathan Shapiro

Deadly Force by Jonathan Shapiro is an intense page-turning legal suspense story. I gave it five stars. I started it in the afternoon & finished it that night. I couldn't have gone to sleep without knowing the conclusion. It was riveting.


John Paul Jones was an second generation FBI agent who had gotten a waver to carry a .38, a wheel gun instead of the typical semi-automatics carried. He was a dogged investigator.


Lizzie Scott was a prosecutor. She had to go through a background check before that took place. She avoided Jones for a personal reason. "He knew things about her. No one else did. She kept a strict separation between the personal & the professional. Her privacy & her past belonged to her. She shared with no one. Except with Jones, but only because she had no other choice." He did keep the information to himself, as far as she knew.


I would like to thank Ankerwycke & NetGalley for the complimentary .pdf ARC copy. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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