Torment by Jeff Menapace

TORMENT - A Horror Story - Jeff Menapace

Torment - A Horror Novella by Jeff Menapace is truly frightening. I gave it four stars because it compelled me to keep reading.

The prologue was brutal. It reminded me of the movie "The Shining" where the father was driven made by the snow & isolation. Except in this case, the man was the only survivor in the cabin.


When the four young travelers met a man in the woods this took place. "Tim wasn't sure what happened next; he'd never seen anything like it. Fluid violence were the first words that popped into his head. Fluid, because the stranger's response to Andy's attack seemed effortless; violence, because Andy suddenly found himself face-down on the road, the stranger pinning him there with one knee in Andy's back & one hand on his head."


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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