Halfway Hunted by Terry Maggert

Halfway Hunted (Halfway Witchy Book 3) - Terry Maggert

Halfway Hunted by Terry Maggert is a five star book. I found it entertaining & read it in one sitting. I highly recommend this cleverly written book & look forward to the next in the series.


The story of Carlie, introduced in Halfway Bitten continues. She still has her familiar, Gus, the Maine Coon cat with an attitude. She still listens for the mail slot creaking open with wish requests. Sadly, Wulfric, her half-vampire lover is absent. "I missed him every second of every day, with an ache that started in my heart & ended in the emptiness of my arms. Living without him was like swimming through wool that took my breath & will at every turn."


Carlie met Exit Wainwright, a man from another time. He's surprised at the present year. They were having tea & he discovered she's a witch. "At that moment, a visible shudder passed through Exit as he slumped against the table. In a sense, I’d been expecting such a reaction. Magic isn’t free of side effects, and neither is hibernation. Even bears, who are basically trucks with fur, have to recover from their long winter nap. Exit had been in a mine shaft for a century. His eyes were closed and moving busily under the lids.


"The thing Exit remembers most is his wife, Reina. When he was describing her to Carlie & Gran: "His smile was pure admiration, & it was impossible not to feel what his memory stoked in the hearth of his recollection."


When Brendan's research for Exit's wife was fruitless, Carlie watched as Exit began to grieve the loss. " I turned to see Exit facing away from me, his shoulders shaking as he cried in that quiet way that big men do when they feel shame at losing control. His shoulders danced with a pain that was bone deep and spanned the love of a century. I went to him, arms out, before I could even think of anything to say. He was collapsing like a forgotten barn that is past it’s time, and it hurt to even watch.


"Alex, a shapeshifter were-panther, received some news that warranted revenge. He said he didn't know what to do next. "Revenge was sort of my specialty. Well, that & waffles, but no one ever used them for revenge. That I know of."


Exit was regaining his strength & was a worthy partner to Carlie as they traveled across her lands to find out what was going on.


I received a complimentary kindle copy from the author in a promotion. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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