Song of the Red Wolf: The Tala Chronicles by Toni House

Song Of The Red Wolf: The Tala Chronicles by Toni House (2015-09-16) - Toni House

Song of the Red Wolf, The Tala Chronicles Book 1 by Toni House was a poignant ghost story. The cover was beautifully illustrated. Sadly, there were numerous distracting spacing errors in the kindle copy I read. Because of that need for editing, I gave it four stars. This does not reflect on the quality of the author's writing.


It's based on a true story. The characters are well drawn & true to life. I look forward to the second & third book of this series.


Booger, the teenage neighbor boy with his trusty side-kick Chocolate lab, Budweiser, came to life for me. Wizzie & Billy Frank are also characters I will remember. The Southernisms they use are accurate. Red Wolf, the Indian brave, his red wolf companion Tala & Chief Running Blood are also memorable.


Wizzie asked Booger: "Does your mother know you're over here? She'll tan your hide when she finds out."


Eve, Wizzie's younger sister came to their home. Billy described it when she visited. "He sat quietly in the dark, enjoying the peace, Billy loved Wizzie's sister, but when the two got together, boy howdy, those girls could talk!"


I received a complimentary copy from the publisher SSource Books & NetGalley. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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