Falling for Q46F by Jason Werbeloff

Falling for Q46F - Jason Werbeloff
Falling for Q46F by Jason Werbeloff is a story with a twist. I gave this futuristic, dystopian short story four stars. I found it poignant.
Q46F was designed by the Master who has been deceased for twenty-seven years. Q46F measured the time in days, hours, minutes & seconds. It was designed so no undead could harm it. "So I disable my cameras & my audio channels. Three times. To be sure. And although I leave my radio receiver active--the radio receiver must always remain on--I keep my awareness of it in a background sub-routine. With the expanded processing power, I focus on dreaming. I focus on what isn't."
I received a complimentary kindle copy of Falling for Q46F by Jason Werebeloff from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.
Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Falling-Q46F-Jason-Werbeloff-ebook/dp/B00VADWFEA