Red (VonRouge Book #1) by Jacqueline Noir

Red (VonRouge Book 1) - Jacqueline Noir, N. Isabelle Blanco
Red (VonRouge Book #1) by Jacqueline Noir is a paranormal romance novella. I gave it four stars. There were homonyms & typos that cost it a star.
Sadie VonRouge is an eighteen year old living with her Aunt Tasha. Both her parents were killed in a car accident.
At a time in a different forest years before, a treasured time spent with her mother, the she remembers: "Warm arms encased me from behind as my mother leaned close to my ear, chastising me for not slowing down.
Over & over she had explained, but I never truly understood. 'The forest air is different than the regular air out in the rest of the world, honey,' she'd said, tucking a loose strand of my hair behind my ears. 'You have to keep your breaths slow & even, or it will be too troublesome to breathe.' She spoke softly, explaining that the forest consisted of an abundance of moisture-filled air, which was too difficult to breathe with hurried breaths. It was meant to make you slow down & enjoy the peace nature offered."
She misses her parents terribly, especially her mother.
After an event in the woods, she dreamed about a gray-eyed man. On her first day of college, he came into class late & she learned his name was Tanner Snow.
"Lust is taking over my body while fear conquers my mine. The tug of war is spiraling out of control." There is X-rated language & steamy erotic situations. This is for a mature audience.
I received a complimentary copy from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.
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