Shake the Spiders by Anne Wentworth

Shake The Spiders -  Anne Wentworth
Shake the Spiders by Anne Wentworth is an intriguing book. I love the beautiful cover. I gave it five stars.
The first two paragraphs really caught my attention. "When her Grandma Haley warns her to ‘shake the spiders from your shoes’, Kim comes to understand those words can also apply to all the unhappy things that life has brought her. That's in addition to shaking physical spiders out of shoes before putting on her shoes.
"Life hasn’t been kind to Kim Baylor. She’s fourteen going on old. After losing her dad seven years ago, life has gone downhill. Her mom’s drinking is taking a real toll on both their lives and Kim just wants to survive the chaos. Kim is dumped off at her grandma’s farm in small town Manitoba for the summer, though she hasn’t seen her grandma since before her dad died.
Life really starts to change—Kim finds Grandma Haley and her two odd friends aren’t the country bumpkins she'd thought they'd be."
Even though Jez & Harry are different, Kim found herself liking them both. They were weird in a good way.
Jammer the cat is a real comfort too. After a short while, she wants to stay there.
I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.
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