What the Dead Fear, a novella by Lea Ryan

What the Dead Fear - Lea Ryan

What the Dead Fear, a novella by Lea Ryan is a remarkably entertaining book. I gave it five stars.


Juniper discovered she was dead. "'Wake up.' She commanded her mortal shell & concentrated as though she might control it from outside. She recalled reading about out of body experiences. Maybe that was the explanation.


She held on to denial for a while, contemplating the various possibilities for the cause of her predicament. Denial is a shade of hope, in a way."


She met a young girl, Cricket. They climbed a tree to escape the coming jackals. Then Cricket disappeared & Gareth the Ruler of Limbo appeared. He frightened her & threatened her after telling her what not to do in Limbo. Then he disappeared.


"Apparently abrupt exits were the norm in the spirit realm."


Juniper & Cricket had some entertaining adventures. Gareth, the Guardian was a puzzling but intriguing character.


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.