The Reluctant Gun Hand by Paul Lederer (Logan Winters)

The Reluctant Gun Hand. Logan Winters - Logan Winters
The Reluctant Gun Hand by Paul Lederer (Logan Winters) is an intriguing Western novel about Jake Worthy.
It seems his existence is ruled by cruel fate. The events in his life swirl around him like a Texas dirt devil, where gritty sand blows in his eyes & he’s abraded by tumble weeds. He moves from event to event without control.
He’s a man whose morals are called into question & he reluctantly takes action to survive. All he wants to do is to get to Rio Lobo to his sweetheart, Becky Holland, who has been waiting for six months. I gave it five stars.
“It had been bred into him that a man takes care of himself rather than trusting himself in other hands, no matter what. He was beginning to see flaws in that theory of self-reliance.
He gets shot. His horse gets shot. He’s walking across the desert at night. He’s accosted & conscripted into doing a job he doesn’t want to do. His guns are taken away. Can he ever get to Rio Lobo & to Becky? Can he survive the insanity that surrounds him?
I would like to thank Open Road Integrated Media & NetGalley for a complimentary kindle copy. That did not change my opinion for this review.
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