The Boys of the Dixie Pig by Stacy Childs

The Boys of the Dixie Pig - Stacy Childs
  The Boys of the Dixie Pig by Stacy Childs is an entertaining, action-packed mystery filled with suspense. I gave it four stars.

The protagonist is Mack Barton, whose best friend is Don Julio Añejo tequila with whom he actually has conversations. He is a weapons dealer being targeted by government agencies with only initials & Columbians. He lives in a Winnebago. A minor mob boss named Rudy Marcello has also set hit men upon him. While Mack did owe him money, this psychotic loan shark takes it overboard.

Mack decides to meet in Colorado with his fellow 'troughers', friends from high school. The book is named after a restaurant in Abilene, Texas where they grew up. Chicken fried steak & a 'trough' of ice cream were the specialties.

Ace Strain is the inventor of a cutting edge cyronics solution. He tells his friends he will freeze them & maintain their bodies free of charge, should they ever feel the need. Ace was not an easy character to like. He had disdain for anyone else's feelings. Donnie, Willie & Goody complete the group. Each man has his own set of issues.

They're in their sixties but still carry the 'boys' within. They reveal their strengths & weaknesses & were well drawn characters. The dynamics of the group were intriguing. They had matching tattoos under their right arms that showed when they 'toasted' with a drink. "It read 'Phuck Yeah' & still served as the only acceptable response when they were all together & the situation demanded an answer that was affirmative, heartfelt & unanimous."

I would like to thank Crossroad Press; Gordian Knot Digital Edition & NetGalley for a complimentary kindle copy. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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