Shadows on the Highway by CS Valentine

Shadows on the Highway - CS Valentine

Shadows on the Highway by CS Valentine is a collection of short stories about our inner darker side.  They are supernatural in nature & bizarre.  I gave it five stars in spite of a few minor typos.


Included in this volume are the following stories:


Second Chance Hounds is a story about Aunt Millie & her ex-con abusive nephew Kyle.  She went to adopt a dog since her Pomeranian, Cinnamon had been killed in the street. The dog adoption agency is a true rescue center for people & dogs.


The Community Garden in Raven Hollow introduces Sandy Carter, a multi-talented baker to a businessman, Mr. Jerome Evermore who wants Sandy's father, Tyler Carter to sell his property to him for his boss.  Raven Hollow is a special place where the community takes care of its own.


The Interview is an intriguing story with a surprising twist at the end.


The First Dark Heart - A Grown Up Fairy Tale was a treasure to discover.  Leanna & Barackus combined their strengths.


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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