Shadow-7 (Tracking Jane Book 1) by Eduardo Suastegui

Shadow-7 (Tracking Jane Book 1) - Eduardo Suastegui

Shadow-7 (Tracking Jane Book 1) by Eduardo Suastegui is a remarkable book telling the story of Major Jane McMurtry, canine trainer & handler & her bomb-sniffing dog Shadow.  She is overcoming a bi-lateral amputation because of an IED in Afghanistan.  Shadow is overcoming his own injuries.


Jane is describing herself.  "But then I remember me, how I've pretty much looked since my sophomore year in high school: big, lumbering, menacing & intimidating, like one girl told me using her big words.  As I strap on my second leg I run headlong into the other reason I should stop this flirting nonsense.  I'm damaged goods."


This intense, page-turning suspense thriller is a fast paced, fascinating book to read.  I gave it almost five stars.  It needs editing for typos.


Eduardo Saustegui is a word master & I've got all his books on my wish list.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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