Bled White, Awake in the Dark #2 by Tim McBain & L.T. Vargas

Bled White (Awake in the Dark Book 2) - Tim McBain, L.T. Vargus

Bled White, Awake in the Dark #2 by Tim McBain & L.T. Vargas published by Smarmy Press is the second book in the series. 


I would strongly suggest reading Fade to Black (Awake in the Dark Book 1) first. However, Bled White with some exceptions can be read as a stand alone story. 


"The walls are pale around me like sickly skin never touched by the sun.  It's not just the walls though.  The floor, the bars, the blanket, the ceiling:  everything is bled white like the life has been sucked out while I was away.  I rub my eyes, but the drained look remains."


Grobnagger continues to deliver his laugh out loud dialogue.  "He has one of those crazy laughs that sound louder on the inhale than the exhale.  It has a wheezy quality to it.


I don't think I've ever heard an old person laugh like this.  He looks like a maniac.  I mean, I know laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, but Randy is flirting with an overdose at this point."


It is riveting.  I gave it four stars because it was less intriguing than Book #1.  The paranormal aspects of the League of Light in opposition to Jeff Grobnagger, were over the top.


Grobnagger continues to be introspective, vulnerable & hilarious.  I look forward to the next book.


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