A Thousand Fiendish Angels: Stories Inspired by Dante's Inferno by J.F. Penn

A Thousand Fiendish Angels: Short Stories Inspired By Dante's Inferno - J.F. Penn

A Thousand Fiendish Angels:  Stories Inspired by Dante's Inferno by J.F. Penn has three stories.  There was a continuing theme throughout of a flesh-covered book that held infernal secrets.  I gave it four stars.


Sins of the Flesh starts off with a brutal description of wealthy Christopher Faerwald's death.  He was an author whose novels had been adapted for the movies.  He had become a recluse obsessed with protection from evil spirits.  It was intriguing but far too brief a tale. Rich use of language & a fast story to read.


Sins of Treachery is a story of identical twin brothers, but one was a pale shadow of the other.  In youth Gest had tormented his brother Simon.  There was residual jealousy between them from childhood.  At last Simon understood why his grandfather left the map to his 'headstrong, reckless twin.'  The story & conclusion is diabolical.


Sins of Violence had Ari & Sibyl rolling underneath a destroyed truck to escape an explosion.


"International disputes had erupted in the panic, with blame being heaped on whichever nation was considered a sworn enemy, for humanity has only ever been a splinter away from chaos."


Ari went to meet the monstrous Minotaur in an attempt to save her sister.  She faced the Furies which were chosen from the death pits.  They had the dilated pupils of junkies. They were hellish creatures.  She was outnumbered & they dragged her to a platform above the city.  She then did what she had come to do.


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon. This did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Thousand-Fiendish-Angels-Stories-Inspired-ebook/dp/B00GXT9EMC