All-Father by Koos Verkaik

All-Father - Koos Verkaik

All-Father by Koos Verkaik is a story about Peter Jonker.  His father, Arno, is a frustrated jazz pianist & his mother, Linda, was a lustful woman who often had sex with other members of the band while Arno was still on stage.  Peter has his mother's amber-gold eyes & his father's dark hair.  After fighting like cats & dogs, they separated when Peter was twelve.


It is a paranormal suspense-filled mystery that is a fast reading book. It also touches on mythology & is captivating. I gave it five stars.


"Peter had given up speaking simply because it seemed to be a waste of time. It never made any difference whether he spoke or not.  When the Opel nosedived into the dry ditch, he had wanted to scream, but no sound came out of his throat and his lips had opened only to take quick, short breaths. Since then he hadn’t uttered a word, and gradually he had come to value this silence as a sort of protection—like a quiet security blanket. He was satisfied with himself but dissatisfied with the life that went on around him. He no longer wanted to play any part in the world of the grown-ups, where strident voices rent the air and bitter blows were exchanged."


Peter went to live in Holland with an artist friend of his father's while his father was still in the hospital & his mother left for France with a younger man.


He still didn't speak even when the figures in the paintings moved & frightened him. At last when the pressure built up too much he wrote a note & didn't share it with anyone. That was the beginning of his awareness of his special talent.


I gave this intriguing book kept my attention & was fascinating.


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