Eenie, Meenie by Willow Rose

Eenie, Meenie - Willow Rose

Eenie, Meenie by Willow Rose is a horror story.  I gave it five stars because it kept my attention & the end came as a real surprise.


A masked man entered the cell of a third time offending juvenile boy.  "One year in juvenile detention was the boy's sentence.  Which would probably be reduced to six months if he behaved.  The man felt his fury rise just thinking about it.  In a few months this boy would be out in the streets again, raping more innocent girls, beating more people up.  And who knows what he might do next?


The man knew these boys.  They came back again & again.  They never learned & the punishment the court gave them simply wasn't enough for them to stay out of trouble."


Johnny was doing time for the third time but this time it was to protect his younger brother. 


He knew how to read people so figured out right away which bunch to hang out with.  Johnny was placed in solitary confinement.  There was nothing in the room but a bed, sink & toilet.


There were no words exchanged when the food was delivered.  He had trouble keeping the thoughts out.  "They kept coming back, haunting him, forcing him to face the past he had spent so many years forgetting.  When he reached the third day....he let the pictures overwhelm him & then he broke down & cried."


I received a complimentary copy in an Amazon promotion.  This did not change my opinion for this review.


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