Edwina by Willow Rose

Edwina - Willow Rose

Edwina by Willow Rose is a horror novella.  It's about a spinster in Denmark, Marie-Therese who takes in foster children.  She had taken care of her mother who had cancer.  Her mother was fanatically religious but Marie-Therese was not. I gave this fast moving story five stars.


Edwina's mother died of leukemia.  Her father was also dead.  It was rumored that she had been a twin but the other baby died.  They were exposed to radiation at Chernobyl.  Edwina had a tumor on her head that was inoperable that stretched her face lop-sided.  She did not speak.


Thomas Bastrup is Marie-Therese's next door neighbor.  "Thomas blinked a few times to better focus in the darkness.  Right there in the neighbor's window on the other side of the fence, there she was, staring back at him.  Her glowing green eyes lit up in the darkness & her lump seemed to glow with a strange light."


The next day Thomas' daughter Linda climbed on the fence to see the new girl. Edwina ignored her.  She reached out & captured a butterfly & held onto its wing.  Then she stuck a needle through it & watched it attempt to fly.  "Appalled by her actions, Linda yelled at Edwina.  'Don't do that.  What did the butterfly ever do to you?'


"That was when Linda saw Edwina's eyes for the first time.  She lifted her head & looked directly at Linda with a deep beastlike growl.  Linda gasped & pulled back, jumped down from the fence & walked backwards, her heart racing in her chest.  Then she turned & ran." She told her mother but was shushed & disregarded.


The neighborhood, no, the whole town changed after Edwina came to live with Marie-Therese.


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon but that did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DGYKGQ0