Blood Curse (Blood Tetralogy Book 1) by Jen Ponce

Blood Curse - Jen Ponce

Blood Curse by Jen Ponce is an intense, sometimes brutal love story. There are violent scenes that were difficult to read, but that is unsurprising for a story about vampires. I gave this compelling page turner four stars. There were minor typos that cost it a star, but the story line & quality of writing is excellent.


The battle for good against evil wasn’t clearly drawn. At times it was a choice between evil & a lesser evil.


The protagonists were fully fleshed & strong, likable women, although one was a vampire warrior named Issala. The other a young woman named Lorelei Renfield who’s family had served vampires for generations as blood servants. Issala took regular doses of silver & did not partake of blood.


The villainess, Catherine, who had killed Issala’s former lover & had a broad streak of madness is also well drawn. Catherine had a vicious, cruel streak & her nightmarish behavior will haunt me. I would not recommend this book for young readers. Her “Pet” Morganna Renfield, Lorelei’s twin sister is a character easy to dislike.

Tessa, Logan’s wife was driven mad by his imprisonment of her in an attempt to cure the vampire virus with which she was infected.


The love story & love-making scenes between Issala & Lorelei were tender & sketched with a delicate, but still strongly erotic touch.


Bravo Jen Ponce! I look forward to reading your other books, especially Blood Drunk (Blood Tetralogy Book 2). I just added it to my wishlist.


I received a complimentary paperback copy of this book in a goodreads giveaway. That did not influence my opinion for this review.