The Unit Episode 1 by Riley Parker

The Unit: Episode One (Volume 1) - A.J. Carella, Riley Parker

The Unit Episode 1 by Riley Parker with A.J. Carella is an intriguing suspense-filled thriller. I gave it five stars because it captivated my attention & I read it straight through in one sitting.


"The pretty new nurse behind the counter busied herself in paperwork, trying to disguise how jittery the place made her feel. When she looked across the counter at the catatonic faces that surrounded her she could barely disguise the shudder that ran through her.

And who could blame her? It was after all, a mental hospital. More specifically a mental hospital for the criminally insane."


Dr. Susan Maclean is interviewing Tom Hooper, one of the patients there about his history at the orphanage where he had been hurt by residents there.


"Chet. Harmon. Vincent. Names he would never forget. He locked away all the memories & moved on with his life. Not a happy life exactly, but as long as he didn't think about it the pain had stopped. Well, his pain anyway. He was in control now.

But the names brought the memories back again."


Lacey one of the police officers involved in the investigation with Mike Johnson who heads up the unit did not want to work with Tate. She describes: "I'm not going to do it. His eyes have spent more time on my ass than a Levi's label."


The only thing I didn't like about it was the abrupt end. I've never been fond of cliffhangers.


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