Old Cape Cod: (Mystery Thriller Suspense Psychological) (Conspiracy Drama Scary Crime ) - Philip Beringer

Old Cape Cod by Philip Beringer is listed as a mystery thriller, suspense, psychological cozy mystery. For me, those terms are not compatible. I would not call it a cozy.


I gave this book two stars. The numerous punctuation & grammatical errors were so distracting they cost it two stars. The characters were undeveloped, the plot predictable & it barely kept my interest in the forty three pages it lasted.
Shane Hemingway is the last surviving member of the wealthy Hemingway family of Cape Cod. She is a motor mechanic. Her boyfriend, Albert Bond is in Europe on a business deal. The repair shop where she works is closing for a few days due to a pending snow storm. She stocked up on groceries & headed home to clear out the basement. She found a map & needed to go to the estate to investigate.
She discovered that her parents had been taken advantage of by a Dr. Forest Jolie. Things at the estate were not as they had seemed. Then her life was threatened with a cut brake line on her car. Fortunately she had checked before she started driving so was unharmed. Can the perpetrator be caught & brought to justice?