Before They Find Us by Michelle Hansen

Before They Find Us - Michelle A. Hansen

Before They Find Us by Michelle Hansen jumped full force into a story line where I felt like I’d missed the first half. The characters were well developed but there were a lot of them so it took me time to sort them out.


In meeting Wade in the prologue Mary thought “The truck could have driven right out of her best & worst memories. She wondered if it smelled like chewing tobacco & pine tree air freshener the way Kyle’s used to.”


They were in the parking lot of an IHOP “‘Mary,’ he said when he saw her. She nodded, & he held out his arms.


“Never seen the guy before, & she walked right into his arms. He hugged her tight–in a real bear hug–like he missed her his whole life.”


In the locker room of the high school Becca was working with a member of the football team: “Drake Yancey hopped onto the table next to Brandon. He kicked off his shoes. Drake had the hairiest feet I’d ever seen. The guys called him Sasquatch.”


Becca’s phone buzzed with a text. “‘It’s a death threat’, Drake said. ‘And, you know, it’s Rebecca.’


Bam! There it was–the crime out of nowhere, & totally not forgotten. Drake might as well have said, ‘half the town still hates her because she killed Kyle Rasmussen’.”


“Even if he [Brandon] agreed, it’s the unwritten rule that you never said it aloud. It was the kind of thing people said behind my back, never to my face.”


Becca is interacting on the phone with Ryan who had been questioned by the Las Vegas Police & the FBI after a bombing at his school. “They wanted to know if I was depressed. Did I think about harming myself? Do I feel bullied at school?’


“I burst out laughing. Ryan was a homecoming prince last fall. Girls were always leaving flirty little notes on his facebook wall, which I teased him about. Plus, he was like the Old Faithful of optimism, which kind of made you wonder why he was friends with me.” Becca thought.


Could Becca & Jordan help clear Ryan’s name before whoever was hunting them down to kill them found them? Could they avoid the police & the FBI? It was an interesting young adult suspense filled thriller & I gave it four stars because it kept me guessing.


I would like to thank Priest Rapids Press & NetGalley for the free kindle copy. That did not influence my opinion of this review.