Death Follows Him Everwhere [sic] by Vivian Wright

Mystery : Crime Thriller: Death Follows Him Everwhere  (short stories ,mystery, thriller, cozy) (suspense, short reads, detective, murder) - Vivian Wright

Death Follows Him Everwhere [sic] by Vivian Wright is listed as a cozy mystery. John Clark Kelly is identified in the first few paragraphs as "Kelly" or "J.C." & is described as a once brave Captain of the U.S. army. However he is now older & has nightmares of his deeds that took place during the first World War. The switching of his name back & forth became irritating very quickly.


The only salvation from his nightmares is his "dream girl" who has "bright emerald colored eyes, radiant crimson hair & swaying hips that pierce Kelly's heart nightly." I found the imagery of hips piercing his heart a bit confusing.

The narrator is "' can call me Martinez even thought [sic] that is not my real name.'" This character is left completely undeveloped.


Kelly & Todd's friend Kevin Spencer, was a seafaring man has disappeared from his boat as he was traveling down the Oregon coast. There had been no storms or fog when he went missing. He was also Captain Sean Brennan's friend. The Captain is the one investigating the case. He tells his subordinate Daniel Prescott "'Look Prescott, I like you even if you weren't my wife's cousin but sometimes you have away [sic] with the obvious,' the Captain drills his sergeant."


Because there were many grammatical errors, it seems to have been written by a person with a poor grasp of the English language. An example "Fortuity for Prescott, that lesson he learned early in his career." I believe the appropriate word was intended to be 'fortunately'.


There is NO conclusion. It ends abruptly with the story unfinished. Because of that & multiple other errors, I gave it only one star. It is a 'why bother'. I'm grateful I received it in an Amazon promotion & did not pay for this copy.


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