The Bone Box (A Waterman & Stark Thriller) by Gregg Olsen

The Bone Box - Gregg Olsen

The Bone Box (A Waterman & Stark Thriller) by Gregg Olsen received five stars from me because I found it intriguing & it kept me guessing. Birdy Waterman is a fully developed character that made me care about her.


The first two paragraphs had a sharp hook: "There was an irony in the return address that never failed to elicit a sheepish wince from most anyone who received something postmarked there. Maybe even a sardonic smile. A reaction.


The town from which the letter had been mailed was Walla Walla, a southeast Washington city with the somewhat ironic nickname 'a place so nice they named it twice.' While Walla Walla might be was known mostly because it was home to the state's oldest & toughest penitentiary." On a personal note, I'll add it was also known for Walla Walla sweets, the best sweet onions available.


Birdy Waterman is a forensic pathologist. She has a box filled with over twenty cold cases stored in her rented home. Periodically she reviews them to see what she might have missed that could help solve them.


She knew she wouldn't get sleep after reviewing them. "Guilt is like a dripping faucet that can never be tightened or turned off."


When she went to work the following day, she discovered that the 'chiller' was empty. "An empty chiller meant a day without carrying the hurt of someone else's loss. A child. a wife. Even a friend."


She was estranged from much of her family because of her testimony that helped put her cousin into prison. Now she was doing what she could to find out the truth to help release him. That put her own life at risk.


I highly recommend reading this book for an entertaining suspense-filled thriller.


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