The Puffin of Death, A Gunn Zoo Mystery by Betty Webb

The Puffin of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery (Gunn Zoo Series) - Betty Webb
The Puffin of Death, A Gunn Zoo Mystery is Book 4 of the series. It can be read as a stand alone novel.
It is an intriguing mystery with international travel, suspense & the opportunity to learn some Icelandic terms. Because it kept me guessing, I gave it five stars.
Theodora Bentley, aka Teddy is a zookeeper who travels to Iceland to claim a polar bear cub to bring back to the Gunn Zoo in California.
Teddy discovers a body & starts to investigate the circumstances of the murder. This puts her at personal risk & she might meet her own demise at the murderer’s hands.
“‘I, for one, don’t blame her for not wanting to be alone right now. Grief shared is grief halved.’
‘Sounds like something from one of your books,’ Lucinda grumbled, but after a hard stare from Elizabeth, she fell silent.”
Teddy asked her boyfriend Joe who was a sheriff in California to do some research on the members of the birding club she felt were suspicious. Describing Adele Cobb he mentioned: “‘She volunteers at a shelter for battered women, & every now & then feeds the folks at a homeless shelter. And helps out homeless animals. Can’t help liking a woman like that.’ He paused, then added, ‘Or wondering, maybe, if she’s too good to be true.’”
Adele discussed Simon breaking up with Dawn. “‘Beauty can attract a man, but beauty alone will never keep him. Look at Marilyn Monroe. Men wanted her, but once they got what they wanted, they couldn’t wait to get rid of her. Maybe Joe DiMaggio truly loved her, but after a few years even he couldn’t put up with her neuroses. Dawn was like that, too. Every man wanted her, but she couldn’t make them stick around.’”
I would like to thank Poisoned Pen Press & NetGalley for the free kindle copy to read in exchange for a fair review. That did not influence my opinion of the book.
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