Murder & The Secret Cave: High Desert Cozy Mystery by Dianne Harman

Murder and The Secret Cave - Dianne Harman

Murder & The Secret Cave: High Desert Cozy Mystery by Dianne Harman was an entertaining book. I gave it five stars start to finish. I really enjoy her writing.


This was a lively change of pace from her stories of Kelly & her Sheriff husband.


Randy Jones had a huge accumulation of artifacts. "He may have looked like a caricature of a desert rat, but within that grizzled old man was the eye of a collector who just might have been the most astute she'd ever been around."


Marty, an appraiser, was the last person to see Randy Jones alive before he was murdered. She had second thoughts about giving him an appraisal because some of the Native American artifacts he had collected were illegal to sell. When she went back to tell him this she found his body.


Duke is Marty's dog who won't walk onto desert ground without wearing booties. The only ones she could find were pink. "The people in the compound knew he wore booties & so did Jeff, her detective friend, but that was where it ended. She was still a newcomer in the little redneck town of High Desert, & she could only imagine what would be said about her if people found out her big black male dog wore pink booties."


Marty & Jeff were sharing the events of their day. She knew he wouldn't be happy if she attempted to solve the murder.


Lucy worked at the Hi-Lo market & had a project of collecting positive quotes in an attempt to make herself a better person. Here is a John Wooden quote she found: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." 'I think it means nothin's impossible.' Marty agreed.


This is a page turning, intriguing mystery with a good mix of romance & a sprinkle of humor. Can Marty help solve this murder before she becomes a victim of the killer? Her psychic sister sets off the alarm about the danger of getting involved

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