Act of Revenge by Dick Couch

Act of Revenge - Dick Couch

Act of Revenge by Dick Couch was a page turning suspense thriller. Garrett & his twin brother Brandon were fierce competitors. Garrett won as a warrior SEAL. Brandon won in the romance contest. He did not win on a trip to Las Vegas where he lost more than a few dollars. I gave this fast moving book five stars.


Garrett returned home for their younger brother Don's funeral. "At times during the last couple of days, he reflected, it was as if he never left Arkansas. Other times he felt like a total outsider. This part of the country, the people, even this bar--all were frozen in time."


"Over the years, Garrett had lost most of his soft drawl, but he felt it easing back into his speech, almost against his will." This part of the country & his memories of it were stored away.


This book has plenty of twists & turns. There are parallel story lines woven throughout it. The Russian mobster who took the name Stolichnaya when he came to the United States. He was a brutal man & one without a conscience. He was responsible for most of the damage done to Brandon in Las Vegas.


I would like to thank NetGalley & SEAL Productions Press LTD for the free kindle copy for fair review. This did not influence my opinion of the book.