Bonnie and Claude by Sharon A. Austin

Bonnie and Claude - Sharon A. Austin

I received a free kindle copy of Bonnie and Claude by Sharon A. Austin in an Amazon promotion.

I gave this short book four stars. It was an interesting, fast read.

Sometimes I got a bit confused by what was imaginary & what was real.

Claude Gibber gets fired for stealing the cash box. He then starts highway robbery on Route 66 in Missouri & imagines he is Clyde Barrow. But to complete this image, he needed a Bonnie Parker. To do this he has to make some self improvements.

"Leather engineer boots gave off the pungent aroma of five-day-old socks; a smell he'd come to appreciate. It meant he was working hard at what he did best: robbing the rich & giving to the poor...himself!

'Yep, that's me. I'm a Gibber & a taker.'"

Claude's career as a robber takes an unusual turn.