Fury, A Flash Fiction Story by Chuck Grossart

Fury (a flash fiction story) - Chuck Grossart

I received a free kindle copy of Fury, A Flash Fiction Story by Chuck Grossart in an Amazon promotion.

I gave this very short story five stars. The characters were well drawn & the twist at the end made me pause, and read it again.

The Chase family is disintegrating. Pamela had married Jerry too soon & her children Kris & Darla were paying the penalty. It was Darla's seventh birthday. It was a failed celebration.

"Typical teenager, yes, but not a happy kid. Being seventeen was tough enough, but he was struggling. Kris was in a dark place, & no matter how hard Pamela tried, she couldn't pierce the shadows cloaking her son's soul. An angry young man he was, full of hate & bitterness...and worsening day by day. At times, Pamela felt as if the little boy she once held had slipped away, replaced by a person she no longer knew."

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/flash-fiction-story-Chuck-Grossart-ebook/dp/B00FM6DS3I