The Gateway of Light and Darkness by Heather Marie

The Gateway of Light and Darkness - Heather Marie

I received a free kindle copy of The Gateway of Light and Darkness by Heather Marie, published by Curiosity Quills from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

I gave this book five stars. This book starts where The Gateway Through Which They Cames stops.

“Yeah, dude, I see you. Believe me.” I say that last part under my breath. It’s not his problem that I can’t seem to do my job without fearing that another demon––a Shadow from the Order––will burst through my chest again. Sometimes I can still feel the scrape of their claws inside me, the bone and flesh still raw.

Absentmindedly, I press my hand against my chest and rub the phantom pain away.

“Can you help me out, kid? I’ve been limping around like a bloody wanker for the last few days.” His English accent is thick and apparent, now that I’ve taken the time to notice."

With this Bleeder, it all went wrong. Aiden heads to see Trevor. "It’s not sitting right. Not just what I did, but the way my body is reacting to the situation. My body doesn’t feel like a body anymore. It’s become some sort of vessel that I can no longer control. A place where strange entities coexist that are not a part of me, but are me. I picture them like aliens that have chosen my body as their life source, taking refuge inside of me. And I’m just in the passenger seat of my own mind, watching as the world burns."

Aiden is talking with his friends Trevor & Evan & thinks to himself: "The things I’m capable of have yet to register and I can’t give myself to the Light completely. Not when the Light and Dark within me are equal in strength. And not when I’m incapable of deciding which side I’m really on. Or rather, when the opposing forces waging war inside of me haven’t consumed one or the other just yet.

This realization makes me fear the day that one will win over the other, because even I'm not sure which side I will choose."

After he leaves his friends he remembers Koren Banks & that crossing her through the Gateway was so hard because he loved her & knew he was losing her forever.

He finds out he is being watched & later overhears his father, Michael talking to Father Martin about being protected from those watching, the Men of Light. He also discovers that Julie, Father Martin's niece is also a a Mortal Gateway. But she is consumed with light & doesn't lose consciousness when one passes through her.

"The message sent by the Brethren has become abundantly clear. If you choose to go against them, they will destroy everything you believe in. It’s the same message the Brethren started centuries before. When they pillaged and destroyed every inch of land they could to cause fear. To break the human condition until there was nothing left.

So many times in history our world fell into the Darkness the Brethren inflicted upon it. And the farther we descend down the steps, the harder it hits me just how close we are to it happening again."

I highly recommend this paranormal book.

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