The Nibelung Gold by Koos Verkaik

The Nibelung Gold - Koos Verkaik

I received a free kindle copy of The Nibelung Gold by Koos Verkaik, published by Whiskey Creek Press from a goodreads promotion in exchange for a fair review. The author's other book is the 2015 EPIC eBook Awards finalist in the Children Category for The Monster.

I gave it five stars.

Willem Heindrik Wolf opens the first chapter. He is not what he appears. "No one who saw him would guess he was also the owner of a beautiful house on the bank of the river Vecht, where he lived among the moneybags; a century earlier successful Amsterdam merchants had started to build their impressive country seats there, and Wolf had acquired his by inheritance.

After a mysterious paranormal encounter with Wera Kelly, the situation turned dangerous. "What he saw was so revolting, that it was beyond his comprehension; if it had been less shocking, he probably would have been seized by panic or passed out.

But his heart skipped a beat when life came back in a flash in the dark eyes of the mutilated woman, when she lifted up her head, reached out her hand, and caught hold of his wrist.

Gasping for breath, he tried to free himself from this grip. Yet her fingers contracted with such strength that he feared she would crush his bones. She pulled herself up. The sparkling, dark, vivid eyes were extremely big in their deep sockets. Her cracked lips began to move. Automatically he bent his head closer towards her. He felt drops of blood spatter against his ear, as she said in a pleading tone,

“Keep searching for me. Please! Try to save me.”

They had a remarkably paranormal experience & Jacob & Wolf were both frightened.

“Let’s take a look at the possibilities,” he said. “Just suppose that there really exists something like a collective of paranormal gifted mediums. We don’t know who they are. It’s very well possible that you and I have already met some of them. If they all have concentrated on Wera Keller this morning, are they all aware then of the fact that she had come to visit us? What if Wera Keller doesn’t want to lend her assistance to the collective at all, but follows commands because she’s been brought under hypnosis, because she’s susceptible to their joint stream of thoughts, because—”

Her body had disappeared.

Wolf woke up to pounding at his door. Abraham de Wild, Jacob's secretary was there & informed Wolf that Van Beek was dead.

Two years later Wolf had become an avid investigator of the paranormal. "Only Wolf was walking to and fro and didn’t seem to suffer from the hot summer sun. He’d become someone now who could make or break reputations in the field of spiritism. A one-man inquisition, hunting for the truth, who made the inexplicable explicable, or gave it the benefit of the doubt until he finally saw through the trick. After he’d discovered that certain phenomena and materializations seemed to be real, his heart overflowed with enthusiasm.

His name fitted perfectly to his character; like a wolf, with unflagging zeal, he followed every track that had led to the solution of complex riddles. His wealth gave him the status of a nobleman, and everywhere he went the doors opened wide for him."

An excellent adventure & an interesting book to read.

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