Only the Brave by Mel Sherratt

Only The Brave (A DS Allie Shenton Novel) - Mel Sherratt

I received a free kindle copy of Only the Brave (A DS Allie Shenton Novel) by Mel Sherratt, published by Thomas & Mercer/Amazon from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.


I gave this suspenseful mystery four stars. The characters are well written & it kept me reading.


When Allie met with one of the workers at Flynn's she described him as: "At forty-seven, Steve Burgess could pass for late thirties with his whitened teeth, tall physique & full head of dark brown hair, although it was greying at roots. Allie would say one thing about the criminal fraternity--the men were mostly lean, exuding power & magnetism by keeping themselves in good shape.  To her, it showed hard work, commitment & healthy ego."


Jordan had been seeing Sophie secretly.  She decided to trust Stella, which might have been a mistake. "Sophie nodded. 'He comes to see me when Flynn's closes--always late at night. No one knows we're seeing each other.' She glanced at Stella. 'You can't tell anyone. Anyone. Do you hear?' 'Oh, I won't tell a soul.' Stella mentally crossed her fingers behind her back. This information was too valuable to keep to herself."


After Jordan was killed, his grieving family got together. "Nicole was sitting on the settee next to Betty, all teary-eyes & streaked makeup.  Her nails had been manicured, her long blonde hair freshly washed & straightened. Her clothes were black but stylish, high heels finishing the outfit.  Kristy had to admit she always tried to keep herself smart & trendy but all she could see was mutton trying to dress as a lamb." That's a unique way of calling someone old.


Allie's spouse Mark described his feeling toward Allie: "Worst was the feeling that he couldn't protect her all the time.  But he couldn't let her see that. Allie would see her independence being threatened if he worried too much.  He couldn't bear it if it broke them, if his feelings made her despise him enough to call it quits.  He would never tell her that either."


This DS Shenton book was entertaining.


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