The Holocaust Lost Photos by Ari Spiegel

The Holocaust Lost Photos - Ari Spiegel

I received a free kindle copy of The Holocaust Lost Photos by Ari Spiegel in an Amazon promotion in exchange for a fair review.

I gave this book one star. I'm not sure where these photographs originated but the interpretations were questionable. What the author interpreted as 'smiles' looked like grimaces to me. As far as the 'facts' quoted I was even more confused.

"The Holocaust - Lost Photos was a collection of 158 pictures taken by an unknown SS officer during the actual period of the camp's use. Therefore the pictures themselves are clearly in the public domain, as are all the wartime films.

"Strange as it may seem, every other such camp image seen by you or any member of the general public, has been from a Hollywood set, a reenactment from somebody's story, or has been an outright fabrication."

I'm uncertain the intent of this author but it seems he is out of touch with history & that he is a Holocaust denier.

I personally knew a man who lost his parents & four siblings in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. He escaped as a young teenager from Hungary to Canada. He refused to discuss the events that led to his immigration to the United States. I don't think he would have reacted well to this book.

I can't imagine why one would purchase this book.

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