Paw and Order by Diane Kelly

Paw and Order  - Diane Kelly

I received a free paperback copy of Paw and Order by Diane Kelly, from goodreads published by St. Martin's  in exchange for a fair review.


She met Clint patrolling the rodeo area on his horse Jack. She accepted a ride from him. The following morning she suffered the consequences.


"I climbed out of bed only to find myself barely able to walk. Though I'd been on Jack's back for only twenty minutes the preceding night, my thigh muscles felt like I'd done a thousand squats or more....I made my way to the bathroom, pivoting my hips to move my legs in a bowlegged waddle. It was less painful that way. That afternoon I'd have to soak in a warm bath."


This was a cute story about Megan Luz & her K-9 partner Brigit patrolling the rodeo where thieves are purse snatching & more. Her adventures are comical & entertaining. I gave this book five stars.


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