Behind the Walls by Elaine Orr

Behind the Walls (Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series) - Elaine Orr

I received a free kindle copy of Behind the Walls by Elaine Orr in a goodreads promotion. I gave it five stars. What an enjoyable discovery to find a female character I genuinely like & to also learn it's an established series of Jolie Gentil that I had missed.


Jolie is a property appraiser & found miscellaneous jewelry hidden inside a wall when she was remodeling her new fixer-upper home. "I had no thought of keeping it. Even though I had bought the small bungalow at a tax sale, I did not think something seemingly this valuable should fall under the finders-keepers-losers-weepers code of conduct."


Jolie describes her friend Ramona: "Ramona looked at me. Her large eyes behind over-large glasses complement the hippie look she cultivates. She makes her own clothes, beautiful clothes, because she likes the kind of gauzy fabric and tie-dye look of the 1970s. She blends with the small store’s vintage look. It has hardwood floors and some of the wood bookshelves that are for sale have older, leather-bound books on them."


Lester, a high powered realtor is a smoker of cigars. "He chewed on his cigar for a moment, and a woman two tables down said, “There’s no smoking, you know.”


Lester eyed her. 'Which is why it ain’t lit, lady.' Such tact."


Jolie is at the Catholic Mass for a funeral for Mr. Fitzgerald, when Lance joins her. "“Lance, hi,” I whispered. George moved further into the pew, and I followed. A glance at Lance told me he still looked more tired and worn than he had before Hurricane Sandy. An online article I read said that recovery could take a more emotional toll on the elderly than younger people. Something about knowing they might not be around long enough to recoup all they lost, even if they rebuilt. The article wasn’t talking just about money. In some of the harder-hit communities, many people moved inland, if only until homes were rebuilt. Friends would scatter, and life could be very different when they returned."


Jolie & George are having dinner together after Scoobie & Ramona left Jolie alone & Scoobie called George to tell him. "I nodded slowly. “Because there are more inexpensive properties further south.” I had forgotten that George and I thought a lot alike. I miss that."


Jazz, Jolie's cat & Pebbles, her inherited skunk were looking at something. "I picked up a washcloth and laid it over the cicada. Jazz double-swatted my hand as I began to lift it out of the sink. “It isn’t yours.” She thought differently and tried to climb up my arm. Even as small as she is, when a cat tries to claw its way up one of your appendages, it hurts."


“Cut it out.” I jiggled my arm and she jumped to the floor." 


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