Dinner Time (Unforeseen Consequences Book 7) by AJ Coonley

Dinner Time (Unforeseen Circumstances Book 7) - AJ Coonley

I received a free kindle copy of Dinner Time (Unforeseen Consequences Book 7) by AJ Coonley in a goodreads promotion in exchange for a fair review.


While the subject matter of the story is borderline repulsive, it is a well written horror story. The cover alone made my skin crawl. I gave it four stars.


"For reasons he could not fathom, as Richter sat at his desk that day his mind kept replaying old Delilah's steely-eyed glare. Those eyes had given him the creeps back in Rock Creek, & seeing them again in his mind was just as disturbing. He hadn't given them a second thought while on assignment, but he couldn't get them out of his head this day."


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