Fire at Will's by Cherie O'Boyle

Fire at Will's - Cherie O'Boyle

I received a free paperback copy of Fire at Will's, An Estela Nogales Mystery Book One by Cherie O'Boyle in a goodreads promotion from the author in exchange for a fair review.

I'm happy to have found Cherie O'Boyle's work. I gave this book five stars. I enjoyed this cozy mystery about a body found following a fire in the Village of Arroyo Loco. The cast of characters can only be described as quirky. Some of them are irasible & contentious as well. The only even natured residents seems to be Estela & her two dogs Scout & Shiner. Estela is a clinical psychologist & because of that she seemed to have more coping skills. 

The residents can't seem to get along or agree as to who set the fire, or who the body is. Can Estela discover the answers without becoming a victim of the killer herself?

There are twists & turns galore in this mystery. I was kept guessing almost to the very end. I look forward to reading Iced Tea, another book of this author's soon.

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