In A Cat's Eye

In a Cat's Eye - Kevin Bergeron

I received a free kindle copy of In A Cat's Eye by Kevin Bergeron, published by HarperCollins UK, Digital from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.


Willy, the simple minded protagonist is the voice for this whodunit mystery of a murder in a locked room. Nancy, his friend was found dead with a hot-shot of heroin. Mr. Winkley, the one eyed cat was the only witness.  The police deem it a suicide but Willy & the Colonel search for the way the killer could have gone into & out of the locked room. Her reputation as a good girl was damaged, but Willy doesn't agree with that.


Central in the theme of the story is a statue of the Virgin Mary. Nancy valued this statue especially since it was a gift from her mother. It goes missing & that is a clue for Willy to find it.


Can he discover the murderer without becoming a victim himself? Can he avoid being charged with the crime? There are some tense moments when he is being interviewed by the police.


I gave this odd little mystery four stars.


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