Mr. Samuel's Penny Five Star reading

Mr. Samuel's Penny: An Elizabeth Parrot Landers Mystery (Elizabeth Parrot Landers Mysteries) - Treva Melvin

I received a free kindle copy of Mr. Samuel's Penny by Teva Hall Melvin, published by Poison Pen Press, from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.


This is a brilliantly written story of fourteen-year-old New Yorker Elizabeth (Lizabeth) Landers visiting her southern cousins in North Carolina in 1972. It is a different world but as her visit continues, she begins to see similarities in rural area & the people who live there to her northern home.


A tragedy strikes this small town when Mr. Samuel Johnson drives off a bridge & he & his infant daughter drown. He loses a finger in an effort to release his baby from the seatbelt, but in his fisted hand is a special wheat penny with distinctive markings. It was placed in an evidence bag but disappears from the Sheriff's office. 


Lizabeth decides that she will help solve the mystery of this missing penny, even though it might put her own life at risk. Can she find it in time to make a difference?


I gave this well written story five stars. It had a delicate hand in describing race relations in the south.  It also has a full cast of well fleshed characters.


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