The Teflon Queen

The Teflon Queen - Silk White Teflon Queen by Silk White Almost Three Stars

I received this book for free from Angela is known only as The Teflon Queen. She is a highly skilled assassin. Her boss calls her Number 2 because she's the second best assassin he uses.

She's hired by Wayne who is a drug dealer who uses thugs like Capo, Moose, Big Moe, or Bone to enforce any problem situations. They spray bullets & don't seem concerned about collateral damages. Angela is brought in to help Capo hopefully gain some professionalism instead of being a hot dog wild shooter without much class.

Capo has ideas that he can run the show & leaves Wayne to start his own drug business. Moose & Bone go with him. Angela stays with Wayne, so does Big Moe, but she didn't meet him right away. She did however, meet federal agent James Carter & ran into the brick wall of conscience after falling in love.

Poor editing. Half the time they are guzzling Rosay & the other half they're guzzling Rozay. The men give a lot of dap as greetings. I needed an urban dictionary to figure out some of the terms used. Many typos interspersed throughout the book.

giving dap photo: DAP taylorsarita.gif

"As soon as he stepped foot in the joint the(y) saw ass everywhere as the beautiful strippers shook and moved their bodies."

stripper animated photo: stripper (Small Animated Bodyshot)mz_0509_10027514295-2.gif

There's a lot of 'hoppin' going on in this book. The Urban slang 'lil niggaz' is offensive. So is the excessive use of oral sex, grinding & the "F-bomb".

"Angela hopped out the shower and quickly got dress and headed out the door. She hopped in her Lamborghini and headed straight for Mr. Goldberg’s office."

Some music is referenced to set the mood: Trey Songz’, T.I.’s song “I’m Back”, Lil Wayne & Erykah Badu.

“That clown Money Mike came up there acting up so I had to spank his boots” Capo said like it was no big deal. “He lucky I didn’t have my bitch with me” he said referring to his .45."

Lots of sex, drugs & death throughout. Because of the poor editing I gave it an almost three stars.

The book ends with To Be Continued… Teflon Queen PT 2 Now Available