Seven, Eight...Gonna Stay Up Late

Seven, Eight...Gonna Stay Up Late - Willow Rose I received a free kindle copy of 'Seven, Eight ... Gonna stay up late', the fourth book in the Rebekka Franck series by Willow Rose from Amazon for fair review. It is FIVE stars start to finish. It is also hard core & disgusting.

Two teenage girls slip away from their parents & instead of being where they said they would be, went to a musical festival. Amalie, one of them was kidnapped. Then the other, Camilla was also kidnapped. They're held in a basement in heavy bulletproof plastic boxes.

It's a frighteningly brutal tale of a serial killer who interacts online with a group of other murderers who encourage each other's illegal activities.

A quote from the killer: "The art of creating a horrific death for someone, & creating it to perfection was his passion." This gives an idea of the completely amoral way of thinking of this horrendous murderer.

When Camilla was trapped in the killer's box, a lyric came to her from Seven Devils by Florence & the Machine. It was a refrain that kept going on an uninterrupted loop in her mind. She repeated them until she lost consciousness.

"Seven devils all around you
Seven devils in my house
See they were there when I woke up this morning
I'll be dead before this day is done."

The killer also captures the Danish journalist, Rebekka Franck.

There are enough twists & turns in this suspenseful book to keep me guessing. If you are a murder, mystery, horror fan. This is the book for you.

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