The Forbidden

The Forbidden - Frank Tallis The Forbidden by F.R. Tallis

I was a Goodreads Giveaway Winner. I own a copy.

It is a well written book & I enjoyed the story line development. The characters became alive to me. There was an underlying sense of foreboding that became more real with every page I turned.

Doctor Paul Clement traveled to the island St. Sebastien & observed a murder of a young man who was supposedly already dead. He was forbidden to ever mention it or he would endure a curse of the witch doctor.

He returned to France & combined efforts with another doctor in the use of electricity for reviving the heart. He used himself as a guinea pig & saw visions of demons & hell. When he returned, he was not alone.

Doctor Clement embarked in an affair with a married woman. He found countless ways to debase her & she complied.

"She raised herself up on an elbow, stroked my forehead & said in a hushed half-whisper, 'You will be famous.' "The seed was planted. Ambition fed on the compost of my vanity."

This dialogue helped me further gain insight into Paul Clement's character.

He had recurring visions of the time he believed he spent in hell. There were times he felt he was under the control of a powerful demon.

This book was imbued with the supernatural & touched taboo areas, thus the name 'The Forbidden'.

I gave it a four & 1/2 star rating & some of the scenes still haunt me.