Rising - Holly Kelly Rising (The Rising Series Book 1) by Holly Kelly from Clean Teen Publishing. I received a free kindle copy for fair review. I found it very entertaining. Some parts were informative. Some parts were extremely sensual, pertaining to senses as opposed to anything else. I gave it a four star because it was a fast, enjoyable read.

It starts with a baby being born. The doctor & nurses in the room were horrified. They called the outside nurse to take the baby & not to look at it until it was safely in a bed. She thought: "Perhaps the babe was born with sirenomelia—legs fused together. That would be shocking to see."

That was the case, as shocking as it might seem. Twenty years later Sara lived alone with her Mother Nicole until she had to prove her indepencence. She moved into an apartment building in a shady side of town becauase that's all she could afford. She did web design from her home. Whenever she went out in public, her lower body was completely covered with a blanket.

She met Xanthus Dimitriou when he became her landlord. Because she was beautiful, innocent & sweet, he did what he could to make the apartment safer for her. He also was a number one warrior sent to land by Triton to stop humans from polluting the oceans & killing off sea creatures.

Mermaids, Dagonians & a possible war against humans. Greek mytholody is interwoven skillfully.

She overheard his cell phone ring. "The dulcet tones of Sirena Enbridge ’s voice floated from Xanthus’s cell phone. Sara smiled at his taste in music."

Instead of killing her because she was half-human, half-dagonion, in spite of her blue eyes, he wanted to protect her. Later when they visit her mother, she threatened to kill Xanthus if he hurt her 'baby girl'. "Sara thought her mother’s statement about killing Xanthus was ludicrous, but she wouldn’t have dreamed of mentioning that with her mother in this state. Truly, if anyone could scream someone to death, it would be Nicole. And she was just on the verge right now."

"When she chanced a glance toward Xanthus, he looked dumbfounded. “I’ve never met a more unusual woman.” He smiled. “She is like being caught in a whirlpool. She’s moody, unreasonable, childish, overprotective, and by the gods, I’m beginning to like her.” “I know how you feel. I love my mom. I just couldn’t live with her. She was driving me insane.” Sara sighed.

Can he avoid a war? Can he save, or will he kill Sara? Will Gael, his brother harm her? Could she be accepted by the Dagonians?

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