Never Go Back

Never Go Back - Lee Child Never Go Back by Lee Child is another Jack Reacher Novel. Jack & his smooth dialogue continue with ease throughout this page-turning book. His history has been examined by a team known only as Romeo & Juliet until the end of the book. Some of that history has been rewritten in a less than stellar light.

Jack travels to his former 110th MP headquarters near D.C. to learn if the current Commanding Officer Major Susan Turner (who has only been an intriguing voice on the phone) is as attractive in person as she sounds.

Possible Spoiler Alert When he arrives he's greeted by two thugs who after attempting to run him out of town, end up with their heads leaving two dents in their own car. When he arrives at headquarters, Major Turner was not only replaced as C.O. but has been arrested on trumped up charges. They renew his enlistment then arrest him as well. They place him 'in custody' in a shoddy motel with thin towels, small soap & cheap shampoo. He realizes their goal is to make him run. It's a 50/50 proposition & with a flip of the coin it could go one of two ways.

One of the things I like best about the Jack Reacher novels is the treatment of the sex scenes. There's no blatancy or graphic discussion. The point is made in a subtle but very clear manner.

Possible Spoiler Alert "The room was warm so Reacher took off his miracle coat & Turner took off her new jacket. She said, 'You want to get room service?'


'Before or after?'

'Before or after what?'

'Before or after we have sex again.'

Reacher smiled. In his experience the second time was always better. Still new, but a little less so. Still unfamiliar, but a little less so. Always better than the first time, & in Turner's case the first time had been spectacular.

'After,' he said.

'Then take your clothes off,' she said.

'No, you first this time.'


'Because variety is the spice of life.'

She smiled. She took her sweater off. She was wearing nothing under it...her smile was wicked, & her laugh was infectious."

I find this approach appealing. I believe there's a time & place for graphic sex scenes but unless it furthers the plot in some manner it simply doesn't belong.

Possible Spoiler Alert "Reacher said,'Sargeant Shrago the news is that as if this moment you fit a demographic known as shit out of luck. Because now you can't win."

Every since Reacher spoke to the young waitress who had been intimidated & bruised by Shrago, this reader has waited for this moment. We know Reacher's style requires that people like Shrago aren't left standing. And when they are at last brought to their knees, I give a little inner cheer.

Lee Child's Jack Reacher is the best of the best, but he's a gentleman in the truest sense of the word, which makes him a dinosaur in the world he now lives in.

I just finished Never Go Back & I'm already anticipating High Heat due out in the fall of 2014.